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About the course

This course is designed to guide you in building a basic Telehealth Service at your Healthcare Practice. It’s the perfect introduction to implementing Telehealth into Private Practice for all clinicians including; psychologists, psychiatrists, physiotherapists, GPs and many more, in both general and rural practice. This course is designed to get you thinking.  Bringing you bite-sized actionable video prompts and giving you the tools you need to build a successful and trustworthy online practice. Once completed you will have the opportunity to connect with new patients in far-reaching areas and the freedom to consult your clients virtually, from anywhere!

For a limited time, we are offering this 10-day mini-course for FREE.  Tell your friends and colleagues, course starting 18th June 2018.

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Course Content

Day 1: Breaking down the jargon

What is Telehealth, Digital Health, mHealth or eHealth? Are they just buzzwords or do they mean something to your practice?  We’ll take you through them all and look at what they mean for your healthcare practice.

Day 2: Telehealth Compliance – What you need to know!

Are you aware of the regulations for practising online?  APHRA has set some guidelines, we’ll take you through the basics and help you with understanding how to offer Telehealth services and to claim appropriate Medicare rebates.

Day 3: The foundations of a basic Telehealth Practice

There are four main components that make up a basic Telehealth Service.  We’ll cover these four components and give you an overview of how to choose the right software for each stage of your practice workflow.

Day 4: Developing your Online Brand, Persona and Visual Presentation 

Do you have a logo?  What are your brand colours? We’ll cover the basics of how to choose professional colours and a logo that represents you and your brand, as well as an insight into developing an online persona with a unique voice that calls out to your target clients.

Day 5: The Importance of Your Online Presence in Telehealth

How do people find you in the online world?  Your website becomes your virtual front door to your healthcare practice.  Your website needs to build trust allowing you to connect with your clients, we’ll cover what to include on your website to build that trust.

Day 6: Building your Virtual Healthcare Practice – Your Website

You’ve done all the planning in the first 5 days, it’s time to get stuck in an build your practice.  We’ll take you through the basics of building your DIY Telehealth service and get you started on your road to Telehealth success.

Day 7: Seeing your Patients Online – Video Appointments

In order to give yourself and your clients the freedom to see you in any location, you need to be able to consult them virtually online. We’ll take you through setting up your virtual consultation rooms for holding client appointments via live video!

Day 8: Practice Management in an Online World!

Now that you’re able to reach more patients, you’ll need to keep track of them and manage future appointments and billings.  In Day 8 we’ll be focussing on setting up a Practice Management System for your healthcare practice!

Day 9: Managing your Patient Bookings

You’re all set up to take video appointments and manage your patients, but what about your own calendar?  We’ll take you through taking appointments directly from your website and putting them straight into your online diary so you never miss an appointment and never double book!

Day 10: Bringing it all together, Integrating it with your website!

We’ve shown you how to set up lots of systems and bringing it all together so that they fully integrate is the final step.  Today we’ll connect the dots and make sure that all the systems are talking to each other so that you have a seamless new Telehealth Service! 

FREE mini-course starting June 18th 2018.  – Registrations are now closed!


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