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Are you an Australian Registered Psychologist, Psychiatrist or GP? Are you interested in Telehealth but don’t know where to start?
I provide free advice on any area of Digital Health and setting up your own Telehealth Practice Startup.
Or for those of you that would like to try it out for a couple of hours per week along side your regular job, perhaps.   I also work with some superb Telehealth providers that can offer you complete flexibility on a part-time basis, which can fit around your current work commitments.


From software, practice management systems, video conferencing, note taking, billings & invoicing, security, apps, remote prescribing, SaaS, integrated telehealth solutions, managed solutions, marketing, social media strategy, accounting, insurance and healthcare compliance. You name it.  I’ve researched it! 

I’d love to find out about your plans to ‘go digital’ and add value by saving you time and resources in doing just that!  Hours of searching and research. 

As a huge advocate for Digital Health, it’s my mission to empower clinicians to set up their own online clinics.  My ultimate dream would be to see ‘open referrals’ implemented, so that patients can freely choose the specialists that will suit them best regardless of conventional boundaries and borders.  

Bring people together with telehealth

I have experienced first-hand the benefits that telehealth can bring, particularly around Mental Health which is my passion.  After seeing many loved ones fall through the cracks of the conventional healthcare system, I strive to do my absolute best to connect patients with practitioners in this Digital Age.

No longer should we have people suffering with their mental health in silence or forced to wait months for specialist care and support.  I believe that we should all be able to reach out for support and advice when we encounter difficult times and that telehealth services should be readily available and funded by Medicare. Or at the very least, have access to private practice care that is affordable and without the perceived stigma of seeking regular help.

Below is a link my online calendar, where you can book a 15-minute informal chat to  discuss your practice or personal requirements and how telehealth may be able to benefit you.


I look forward to hearing from you soon and thanks for reading! 🙋🏻

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